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Aubrey's Acres Nigerian Dwarf's

Sales Policy

We have made some minor revisions to our sale’s policy including the process in which we list available kids. Also New this Year, we will be offering kids out of First Fresheners at an extreme discount. Read our revised sales policy to learn more.

We are more than happy to assist you with your decision on adding an Aubrey’s Acres Kid. We know our goats and their pedigree best. Let us know what you are looking for/wanting to improve in your herd and we will be more than willing to point you in the right direction. We are extremely selective on what bucks we offer for sale, and therefore only bucks out of our top does will be offered. Herd sires are essential to the success of any breeding program. All Buyers of Bucks must sign a Contract agreeing that Aubrey's Acres gets first right of refusal (meaning if you choose to rehome said buck, you must give us first opportunity to purchase him). Aubrey's Acres also retains the right to purchase 20 straws at the cost of collection of any Buck we sell.

We do not consider any extra “bling” in our breeding program including eye color, coat color, wattles or polled. Our objective is to breed for correct conformation, productivity, longevity and a well attached and capacious mammary. Although we make sure every kid meets our standards before leaving we cannot guarantee the quality of the animal as it matures. But we will, if a buck or doe is infertile and a buyer provides proper documentation from a vet, we will refund the purchase price or offer a replacement of the animal.

Does and bucks are registered under the American Dairy Goat Association. All registrations and transfers of kids are completed online at our expense. Transfers of adult animals sold with papers are at Buyer’s expense. All animals are free from disqualifications, CL Free and raised on CAE Prevention. And all Births are attended and kids are immediately removed from their dam and bottle fed powdered colostrum and milk replacer. Kids will be disbudded, tattooed, up-to date on coccidiosis preventative and have received all their age appropriate vaccines. We ensure that kids are healthy and have received proper preventative care before leaving for their new home, and our hope is that they receive the same care once they leave our hands. With that being said we are Not responsible for any injuries or illnesses an animal may inquire during or after transit. Though our animals are extremely friendly and people orientated, moving can be stressful so we ask that you have basic medicines on hand to provide proper care if needed. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

If you are considering adding an Aubrey’s Acres kid please Contact Us and we will add you to our list. Provide us with your Name, Phone number, Location and how you tentatively plan to get your kid(s) (i.e. farm pick-up, air ship, ground transport). Also include what gender(s) and if possible any specific breeding’s you would like a kid from. No money deposits are required to be on our list. We do ask that you notify us if you choose Not to add an Aubrey’s Acres Kid so we can remove you from our list.

In order to streamline the marketing process we will be listing available kids on our website. Those who expressed interest in that particular breeding will be notified that the kid of their choice has become available and they will be directed to our website. They will have 48 hours from time of notification to decide if they would like to follow through with the sale. If they choose not to purchase that kid or we do not hear back within the allotted time, we will then begin to notify those next on our list. A $100 deposit (per kid) will hold the kid of their choice. We do reserve the right to retain any kid for replacement. All money paid will be refunded.

Kid(s) must be paid for in full before or at pickup/transportation. Farm pick-ups are highly encouraged. Shipping/Transport cost and arrangements is the responsibility of the Buyer. Air shipping is available through the Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport. A small transportation fee may apply to meet a ground transporter or for a drop off at MSP airport. Health certificates, additional testing (if needed) and crates are also at the buyer’s expense. We encourage kids to be transported between four and eight weeks of age. Kids must be picked up/transported by 10 weeks of age unless other agreed upon arrangements are made, or you risk forfeiting the money that was paid towards your kid. We are flexible on pickup/transportation however it must be communicated and approved by us in a timely matter. Late pickup/transportation may result in a small boarding fee.

Repeat customers OR any purchase of two or more registered kids will receive a 10% discount on the Total purchase. Discounts WILL NOT apply on AI kids. We do offer a free wether (if available) with the purchase of a doe or buck.

UPDATED, for this year, all doe kids out of First Fresheners (FF) will be offered for $250. We are offering this because we have an abundance of first fresheners and will be wanting to reduce our work load this spring. Please note that all our first fresheners have loads of potential and have many relatives that have matured into beautiful and productive animals. Because our objective is to REDUCE our work load the same policies as above apply with the following Exceptions:

(1) A $50 deposit is needed to get your name on the list. We will allow one deposit per first freshener. If at any time you decide not to purchase the kid you will forfeit your deposit. If we choose to retain the kid, all money will be refunded. We will provide the buyer with pictures of the kid and their Dam. Please note we will do our absolute best to evaluate the mammary of the just fresh Dam, but we offer no guarantees on how she matures. If the Dam does not meet our expectation your deposit will be refunded and the doe kid will be sold as a pet without registration papers.

(2) The kid MUST be picked up by three weeks of age. ONLY on farm pickups will be allowed.

(3) A wether will accompany the kid (if available).

(4) The 10% discount WILL NOT apply.

(5) Buyer's must be ADGA members or become ADGA members for registration- visit

- If the Buyer fails to meet these terms they have the choice to either Forfeit the Deposit or Pay the Regular Price listed, with an additional $50 to meet the $100 Deposit required to hold the kid according to the regular terms of our Sales Policy.


* Breeding plans are tentative and may change.

* We CONSTANTLY update our breeding/kidding schedule with any changes.

* First Fresheners will be noted with (FF) by their name.

* Availability of does, bucks and wethers will be listed on our breeding/kidding schedule and on our “For Sale” page.

Does for Sale -

- Aubreys Acres Keep Me Loveable (Yearling Milker) - $550

- Doe Kids 

   - (Winning Streak CM Stunt Man x Aubreys Acres Keep Me Excited) - $550

Bucks for Sale -

Wethers for Sale

-Message for more info